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                          INSTRUMENT CARE & MAINTENANCE


  • Wipe the rosin off the body and strings with a soft, dry cloth after playing
  • Never use water or cleaning products on the instrument


Remember, pegs are friction fit and must be pushed in as you turn, or they will not stay. A little goes a long way when tuning with the pegs; only turn a little bit at at a time, as over-tightening may result in breaking a string.

  • Use pegs at the scroll for major adjustments.
  • Check to make sure the bridge is not leaning forward while tuning
  • Use the fine tuners on tailpiece for minor adjustments


Always avoid sudden or drastic changes in temperature or humidity as this could lead to the instrument cracking, For example:

  • Do not leave in a vehicle during hot or cold weather
  • Do not store by heat register, furnace, chimney, window, shower, fountain etc.


  • Avoid any action that puts pressure on the bridge or neck of the instrument.
  • Never put the instrument face-down.


  • Never touch the horse hair; try to keep the hair as clean as possible.
  • Avoid putting the bow hair-down or any action causing the hair to get dirty.
  • Rosin entire surface of hair from tip to frog
  • When applying rosin, use long sweeping srokes to avoid clumping
  • To play, tighten bow by turning the screw clockwise.
  • Do not over-tighten bow; at playing tension, the stick should still be slightly bowed and about a pencil-width away from the hair at its narrowest point.
  • Always loosen the bow when you are done playing.
  • If a hair breaks, snip the ends with scissors rather than pulling them out.

                   A well-maintained instrument will always perform better

                                        Thank you for caring.